March 23, 2017



Almost 4 years serving as a lecturer at the Putra Business School (PBS), Malaysia, today he retires for the third time. The first time was from a senior government position in the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Prime Minister’s Department. The second time was from a private company, where he was one of the Executive Directors of Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd. and the third time he retired from being the lecturer of Managerial Economics, at Putra Business School.

Considering the age factor, he decided not to work anymore, even though he received an offer to become an economics lecturer from another university in Malaysia.


He thought of charity. "But my financial position is not so strong to give away money to those in need." He began to think. "But charity is not necessarily in the form of monetary, as many people like to think!" He began to find justification.

"The concept of charity is very broad," he began to think out of the box. "The little knowledge that I have gained from the experience of being a lecturer at PBS can be shared with others as charity, provided that I do not hope for any form of reward, " he said to himself.

"I can share the teaching materials of the MBA Course with students for free. Not only students in PBS but students in other universities in Malaysia, offering the Managerial Economics Course," he thought.

"These materials could also be useful reference of Managerial Economics Course for MBA students in other countries in the world!" He patted the table next to the computer in front of him, as an expression of complacency

“I can use my youngest son’s Blog, as a platform for this purpose," he began to strategize the move. 

"My youngest son is very creative and likes to share information with others through writings. His style of writing is good, even better than me," he whispers, admiring his youngest son. 

"Although busy with his profession as an Executive Officer at the Malaysia Development Bank, he still finds time to write in the blog," he thought to himself.

After hard work for about 3 months, he finally managed to publish a series of reference materials for MBA courses in the Blog. All reference materials can be accessed on the Internet for FREE.

The series of the references is as follows:


The references received good responses, not only from Malaysia, but also from other countries, such as the United States, India, Germany, Kenya, Rwanda, Romania, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Australia and Hong Kong.

Besides MBA reference materials, he also wrote articles on current Malaysian economic issues. "Azzad, we must take the stand that this Blog is 'neutral'. Not to favor to any side, "he said. "OK Dad," said Azzad.