August 03, 2016

After 33 Years Serving the Government

Presint 16 Putrajaya

After 33 Years Serving the Government
Azzad Muzahet

Dad retired from Government Service around 7 years ago. Before retiring from his 33 year tenure with the Government of Malaysia (1977-2009), he managed to buy a house in Putrajaya. Among the perks of being a government servant is the 25% discount allotted for purchase of a house under the Civil Servant Reserve Unit (CSRU). Back then a Super Link House at Precint 16 cost around RM500k-RM600k before the 25% discount. According to him, that was among the best decisions that he has ever made and now he resides peacefully in the Federal Territory of Putrajaya.  Dad’s the President of Persatuan Penduduk in that area, the position he’s been holding for the past 3 years.
AJK PPSL Presint 16 sesi 2016/2019
AJK PPSL Presint 16 sesi 2016/2019 Credits: Myputrajayanews
I still remember the days after he retired from the corporate world back in 2013, after 4 years with Puncak Niaga Sdn Berhad as an Executive Director. He would wake up early go out for breakfast then come home read the newspaper and watch TV for a while before looking for things to do around the house.

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Almost everything that needed fixing was fixed, all the bonsai trees and other plants outside were neatly trimmed and the cars were washed quite frequently. Dad’s favorite question was “lepas ni nak buat apa..” what are we going to do next?

Neatly trimmed bonsai trees
Obviously he needed something to keep him busy besides the house chores, so I suggested to him “Dad, why don’t you share your experience with others..?” Write a book maybe or go lecture some students someplace. He acted immediately upon my suggestion; write a book it is Son!! Writing a book can take for ages to finish, but I didn’t know publishing one could take like forever.  He finished writing his book in a matter of months but unfortunately it has not been published yet, it’s still with the publisher going through countless number of committees since last year. Hope it’s going to be published soon!! I’ll let you know when it’s out.!!
Dr. Muzahet, Ph.D (Economics), University of East Anglia, UK
While he was busy writing his book one day, out of nowhere Dad said, “I’m thinking of sharing my knowledge and experience that I’ve gathered during my working days in the public and private sectors, with others”. “What do you think..?” he asked me. “Well you’re basically doing it right now writing the book..” I said. “I mean in another way that I can really engage the audience, you know like passing on my experience to the younger generation type of thing..” continued dad. “If you’re thinking of becoming a lecturer then go for it dad, I know you’ll do an excellent job at teaching ..”. God blessed, dad has been a part-time lecturer of Managerial Economics for the MBA Program at Putra Business School since 2014. It's great to see him being occupied with something that he's really passionate about.   
Managerial Economics Putra Business School
Managerial Economics Class, Putra Business School 2014