August 02, 2016

Review McDonald's Putrajaya Drive-Thru @ Presint 2

McDonald's Pandu Lalu Putrajaya
McDonald's Putrajaya Drive-Thru officially opened today, 1st August 2016. So I had to go check it out. The place was jam packed with people all excited to explore the new hangout spot in Putrajaya. Photo credits goes to my good friend Sharir Jabir who was on the scene from 8pm. 

Here's a 360 view of McDonald's Putrajaya Drive Thru for your viewing pleasure:

McDonald's Putrajaya Drive Thru

McDonald's Putrajaya Drive Thru 24 Hours

McDonald's Putrajaya 24 Hours

McDonald's Putrajaya Drive-Thru_Night_View

McDonald's Putrajaya Drive Thru_P2
The newly opened McDonald's outlet which operates 24hours is located by the lake next to the Seri Wawasan Bridge in Presint 2, Putrajaya. The spectacular view of the lake and colourful lights coming from the bridge at night gives the place a rather nice ambience and increases the cool factor of the restaurant.
McDonald's Putrajaya 24 Hour Counter
The concept used here is a bit different compared to other McDonald's outlet whereby people are used to ordering, paying and waiting by the side of the counter to pick up their order. McDonald's Putrajaya Drive-Thru uses a number system, after you place your order and pay you'll receive a receipt with a order number on it. The right side with the yellow ceiling feature is the ordering counter and the left side with the blue ceiling feature and screen number display is the pickup counter. 
McDonald's Putrajaya Drive-Thru_First_Day
If you're familiar with the ordering system used in KFC Wangsa Maju, it's more or less the same. In my opinion the order counter here seems a bit too small but then that maybe due to the large crowd of excited people on the opening day. Noticed a delay in handing out ice cream orders as the employee had to hold on to the ice cream until the customer comes to pick up instead of being able to mobilize and do other things. Putting an ice cream cone stand at the counter would probably be a good idea. Given their first day, the employees have plenty room for improvement. Through my experience they were pretty helpful and even managed to keep smiling despite the busy day.
McDonald's Putrajaya Drive-Thru_McCafe
There's also McCafe in McDonald's Putrajaya Presint 2 which you'll see on your immediate right as you enter from the front door.  I've never tried this before maybe one day I'll give a go.
McDonald's Putrajaya Drive-Thru_Upstairs_Open_Air
This is the upstairs outdoor open area which was empty, I'm guessing they'll put some tables here or maybe it's just a viewing area. You can see the lake and bridge clearly from up here. Or maybe it's a smoking area I'm not quite sure.
McDonald's Putrajaya Drive-Thru_Upstairs_Open_Air

Putrajaya McDonald's Presint 2_Play_Place
McDonald's Play Place located upstairs, you'll see it as soon as you finish climbing up the stairs. Luckily my kid didn't notice this or else I'd be stuck here for quite a bit. Kids will love this place..!!
McDonald's Putrajaya Drive-Thru_Ronald_Running
Not sure if anyone noticed this but here's Ronald running to the nearest exit point, I have to say that was a brilliant idea. If you get what I mean. 

Go check it out for yourselves McDonald's Putrajaya @Presint 2. There's plenty of parking space around the area just make sure you don't park at the side of the road and trouble others that are passing by. Don't be selfish and slowdown traffic in the area. Life's much better when you don't trouble others.