May 22, 2017

PUTRA MOSQUE The Most Visited Spot in Putrajaya

Masjid Putra, Putrajaya

The Most Visited Spot in Putrajaya

Built  majestically on a man-made lake, Putra Mosque is located in Putrajaya, the Federal Government Administrative Center of Malaysia. The structure of the mosque which is largely surrounded by water and the picturesque panoramic view within the concept of 'City in a Garden' in Putrajaya, makes Putra Mosque one of the unique landmarks in the world.


The construction of the mosque was completed in 1999 on a land area of 1.37 hectares.The building design of the Putra Mosque indicates the application of characteristics of Islamic architecture during the Persian empire in Iran.

The Dome and the Prayer Hall form the main parts of the mosque.

The Main Prayer Hall can accommodate approximately 8,000 people. In addition, the Open Area on the left and right of the building can accommodate an extra 5,000 people and the Prayer Hall for Women at level one can accommodate 2,000 people.

The Main Prayer Hall was designed based on typical architecture of the Persian empire in Iran

DOME: The top design (left) and the bottom design (right)

The Women Prayer Hall at level one can accommodate 2,000 people

The mosque is equipped with facilities for internal use. These include an Auditorium which can accommodate 350 people and is open for public use with the rate charges at RM245.00 per hour or RM1,950.00 per day, a Lecture Room, which can accommodate 80 people, a Dining Hall to accommodate up to 250 people and the Library with the collection of 10,193 books.


When the mosque was under construction, not many people thought that Putra Mosque will become the main focus of tourist destination to Putrajaya.

Functioning as an institution where Muslims worship and pray to God, Putra Mosque has become the main destination for local and foreign tourists who visit Putrajaya.

Everyday, as early as about 8.30 am, cars and tour buses will begin to enter the compound of Dataran Putra transporting foreign tourists to visit Putra Mosque which is among the most searched place on the net for Putrajaya.

Tour buses entered the compound of Dataran Putra as early as about 8.30 am everyday

If you were in the compound of the mosque at the time, you will see the joy of tourists putting on the robes in burgundy which is the theme color of the mosque. The opportunity to take photos with friends wearing robes should not be missed because that's the unique experience and memories to take home.

The tourists wearing robes in burgundy, the theme color of Putra Mosque

Tourists taking photos with friends wearing robes for memories to bring home.

A dedicated space in the Main Prayer Hall for the tourists to appreciate the beauty of the structure and architecture of the Putra Mosque


I had the chance to interview an English tourist visiting the Putra Mosque:

Question: Hello! Where are you from?
Answer: I am from Beijing, China
Question: What is your name?
Answer: Allan
Question: Have you been to Putrajaya before?
Answer: No, this is my first visit.
Question: Why do you choose Putra Mosque on your schedule to Putrajaya?
Answer: Oh, I am taking my students from International School in Beijing to visit Kuala Lumpur and we find that Putra Mosque is interesting to visit and we put in our schedule.
Question: How do you know about Putra Mosque?
Answer: We checked in the internet.
Question: How do you find the mosque and the surroundings?
Answer: Fantastic! I like the structure of the mosque. This area is beautiful and clean.
Question: Any other places in Putrajaya you would like to visit after this?
Answer: Not at the moment. We'll go back to KL


The cheerful atmosphere around the Putra Mosque does not end when the day is approaches sunset after foreign tourists began to leave the area.

Instead, local tourists, mostly from outside of Putrajaya frequent the area to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at Putra Square during the night. They come with their families and friends to admire the scenery of the surrounding area with splashes of colorful lights. Among the night time activities around Putra Square especially during the weekends include people jogging, bike riding, horse riding playing roller blades, remote control cars, giant bubbles, having small picnics  and others. 

Local visitors with families in the evening at Putra Square


If you are visiting the area, you certainly do not want to miss the opportunity to explore outside the Putra Mosque.

The Prime Minister's Office Complex.The complex is next to the Masjid Putra where Putra Square is connected with the Perdana Square.

The view of the Prime Minister's Office Complex from Putra Square

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. If you are interested to see the panorama around the man-made lake, you can take a boat cruise at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya which is located next to the Putra Mosque building.

To get there, you need to go down by the escalator to the ground floor, and the Cruise Tasik is on your left.

Ticket Counter Cruise Tasik, Putrajaya

You can choose the 'cruise' as you like
Food Court. If you feel thirsty or hungry, you can stop at the Food Court which is located on the ground floor, between the Cruise Tasik and the building of Putra Mosque. You can have drinks and varieties of food there!

Food Court is located on the ground floor
Souvenir Shop. Before returning home, you may think of buying souvenirs to take home as memories. You can buy them from the Souvenir Shop which is also on the ground floor.

Souvenir Shop (Souq Putrajaya) on the ground floor
For those who have the opportunity to explore the Putra Mosque, the facilities and panoramic views of the surrounding area, certainly you have many memories to take home. 

For those who haven't, "Welcome to the Putra Mosque"
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