April 23, 2017


For ambitious working professionals, taking two years off or putting their careers on pause to acquire a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree may seem like a mindless thing to do. A sure way to eliminate opportunity cost would be to enroll in a Part-Time MBA Program, which lets you continue working while earning your degree. Top reasons to get a MBA degree include: to advance in your career, earn a bigger paycheck, gain support of employer, develop your business savvy, start your own business, grow your network and for greater job security. An MBA degree also provides you with the learning opportunity to enhance decision making, leadership savvy and strategics skills that will better prepare as you move on to a managerial position.

After surveying quite a number of Part Time MBA programs around the Kuala Lumpur vicinity, this following program has met the right criteria for me. In terms of location, it's just 5 minutes walk from Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station, Malaysia's largest transit hub. Taking the LRT or Monorail is the best way to move around KL especially during peak hours, where as driving or riding UBER will most likely make you late for class. Another plus point for me is the lecturers that have experience from the corporate world, that can share personal experience which would be more interesting and easier to relate to rather than random examples taken from textbooks. Details of the Part Time MBA Program are as follows:

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

Part Time MBA Programme 

MQA Code : FA6236

Location : Kuala Lumpur Sentral


The Part-Time MBA Programme is designed for experienced graduate professionals looking to better prepare themselves for the business challenges of the 21st century. The programme aims to develop knowledge of advanced business functions, decision-making skills and the understanding of internal and external factors affecting the management of organisations. The programme is an extensive, intellectually challenging orientation to an advanced study of management through the distinctive approach of providing a framework for analysis and implementation. Upon completing the programme, students would have gained:
  • Leadership, communication and interpersonal skills through working in small groups.
  • In-depth knowledge in their chosen areas of specialisation
  • The motivation to implement change and to improve existing management practices.
  • An ability to withstand sustained pressure and to meet strict deadlines

It is a unique opportunity to combine rigorous academic study with practical experience and insights into real business issues, management and leadership, in classes taught by lecturers with experience from the corporate world. Studying with us gives you a solid foundation on which to build your career, achieve your aspirations, handle the toughest business challenges and boost your earning potential.

Course Length & Mode

Duration : 24 months minimum
Intake : September, January, May
  • There are three semesters in a year. Each trimester will comprise 16 weeks.
  • Classes will be conducted on weekday evenings/weekends.
  • Students are expected to take three subjects per trimester.
  • Students are required to complete 11 core subjects and 4 subjects from a specialisation area.
  • Students have to take a total of 15 subjects and complete a project paper OR take 1 additional elective course in lieu of the project paper.

Admission Requirements

A good bachelor’s degree from IIUM or any other institution of higher learning approved by the University Senate. A professional qualification which is certified equivalent to a degree under Malaysian laws and approved by the University Senate can also be considered.

A minimum of 2 years working experience in a managerial or executive position is required.

Proficiency in the English language (where necessary, candidates may be required to sit for an English language proficiency test). A Minimum score of 550 (PBT-TOEFL), 213 (CBT-TOEFL), 79 iBT-TOEFL or 6.0 (IELTS) is required for international applicants.*

*PBT-TOELF = Paper-based test
TOEFL CBT-TOEFL = Computer-based TOEFL
iBT-TOEFL = Internet Based Test TOEFL


MGT 6110 Managing Corporate Resources
ACC 6110 Financial & Managerial Accounting
MKTG 6120 Marketing Management
ECON 6120 Business Economics
ECON 6130 Quantitative Decision Making
FIN 6130 Managerial Finance MGT
6130 Organisational Behaviour & Leadership
MGT 6240 Operation Management OR
MGT 6241 Business Law MGT
6370 Comparative Business Ethics
MGT 6263 Management Policy & Corporate Strategy
MGT 6998 Research Methodology Course OR
MGT 6798 Case Methodology Course

Double specialization can be offered to qualified students.

FIN 6251 Portfolio Management
FIN 6263 International Finance
FIN 6264 Managing Risks with Futures and Options
FIN 6257 Corporate Finance OR
FIN 6255 Financial Analysis for Decision Making

MGT 6251 Human Resource Management
MGT 6550 International Business
MGT 6255 Organisational Change & Development
Students may choose from any other specialisation for their fourth subject

FIN 6620 Al-Shari’ah, Economics and Society
FIN 6630 Fiqh Al-Muamalah in Banking and Finance
FIN 6640 Islamic Financial System and Environment
FIN 6650 Accounting and Control of Islamic Financial Institutions

MGT 6253 Management Control Systems
MGT 6255 Organisational Change and Development
MGT 6266 Advance Corporate Strategy
FIN 6257 Corporate Finance OR
FIN 6255 Financial Analysis for Decision Making

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