October 19, 2016

[Free Download] Lecture Notes on Managerial Economics for Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Lecture Notes
Managerial Economics for MBA

The document contains 10 series of Lecture Notes, covering the syllabus of the Managerial Economics for the MBA Course.

The syllabus is designed to focus on the application of economic theory and decision science tools that students can apply in economics and business environment. The objective is to help students to become a manager who ultimately will integrate the theory and economics tools to arrive at management decisions in their workplace.

In each Lecture Note, 'Sample Question and Answer' are attached. The purpose is to help students to relate the topic discussed in the lecture note to issues and problem in different kind of situations and how to resolve them.

The topics covered are as follows:
1. Introduction to Managerial Economics
2. Demand, Supply & Market Equilibrium
3. Elasticity of Demand
4. Demand Estimation (Simple Linear Regression Model)
5. Demand Estimation (Multiple Linear Regression Model)
6. Business and Economic Forecasting
7. Production Economics
8. Cost Analysis
9. Pure Competition
10. Monopoly

He is a former lecturer of Managerial Economics for MBA at Putra Business School, Malaysia. Prior to that, he serves 33 years of working experience in various senior positions with the Government of Malaysia before joined the corporate sector.

His vast working experience in the public and the private sectors enables him to contribute better understanding on theory and practice and its application in business and management environments. Holds a Doctorate in Economics and Masters in Development Economics, both from the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom.

The above Lecture Note is designed to relate with another two parts of the MBA Coursework.
1. 'Exam Questions & Answer Schemes'. Provide the guideline of how to answer the final Exam Questions according to the Answer Schemes set by the university
2. How the Examiner Marks Your Answer Sheet?.Tips to consider before answering the exam question and how to score high marks in the exam.